Huh Translation Library

Reading and translating texts is an enjoyable way to improve foreign language skills. However, finding foreign language texts to read can be difficult.

Huh Translation Library breaks down language barriers for people of all ages by combining pleasure reading with foreign language comprehension. Huh’s library makes international literature and user generated translations accessible digitally and in print.

Through the Huh website, users can practice reading and translating foreign texts at their skill level and in a genre of interest. New translations by members are approved and made available to the whole site. Thus the Huh library constantly expands.

Huh distributes print books too, sourced from small international publishers and user translations. Books can be printed with one or more language.

Bookmarks allow Huh to brand the books that they distribute, especially when they come from a separate publisher.

The tagline for Huh’s advertising campaign is "Read Beyond _____", which conveys adventure and escapism — the benefits of breaking down language barriers. It is appropriate for youth and adult audiences.

The advertising campaign includes a traveling bookmobile, kiosks at airport terminals, and public transit advertisements.

Below you can view the full process of research, wire-framing and design.