Choclatrope Packaging

Choclatrope bars contain chocolate with unique flavoring inspired by recurring character tropes from television and popular literature. These bars are intended to be gifted among friends. The recipient opens the mysterious package to reveal their given trope, whether fitting or humorous.

Bars are sold in three packs, with removable exterior labeling. The flavors of the individual bars are indicated by the colors and patterns visible through a human shaped die-cut. The effect of the otherwise unmarked package is to create an experience of suspense, and then surprise, when the bar is opened and the trope and flavor is revealed.

The bars appeal to Millenials as a socially engaged, media consuming demographic. The candy’s three-bar pack is designed to share, while the mystery of the packaging and humorous tropes create a social game through gifting of the bars. As consumers of media, the tropes used for Choclatrope are recognizable to Millennials.